Resource planning

Our "world" = planning for long-term professional working relationships

The "world" of medcareworld represents our philosophy. Our world is grounded in building long-term professional partnerships that are based on quality and trust. 2024 marks our ninth birthday since launch in 2015 and since that time we have had the privilege to serve our NHS Trust clients with flexible contracts that are often repeatedly renewed over many years. We believe that this is the ultimate vote of confidence.

Insource resource resilience - sets medcareworld apart

Due to unprecedented waiting list challenges the key to the medcareworld success has been resilience within our resource delivery teams. We are committed to maintaining optimal staffing levels to meet service demands. This includes a robust recruitment process to attract qualified nurses, endoscopists, and decontamination staff, and a comprehensive training and development program to ensure staff remain competent and confident in their roles. Our strategy also includes maintaining a reserve pool of pre-approved staff for rapid deployment to meet any short notice demands. It is the fact that our medical teams are prepared to go the extra mile (sometimes quite literally) that makes the world of difference.



First painless robotic colonoscopy clinic

Medcare's Medical Director, Dr Prem Premchand, pioneers first painless, robotic colonoscopy procedures in the UK

As any patient who has experienced a conventional colonoscopy will attest, it is not one of the most pleasant experiences, and can be very painful. Sedation is required for an essential diagnostic process that involves inserting a scope into what is often an inflamed intestine. Sedation requires expert administration and normally around two hours of recovery time following the procedure. The new 'painless' procedure does not require sedation or any recovery time and can therefore be provided as part of a more normal outpatient clinic basis. This less involved approach is therefore a very welcome development for both patients and the endoscopy team.

As featured in TotalHealth and the NHS Magazine

Doctors surgery

Overcoming the limitations of conventional endoscopy

New studies demonstrate that robotic colonoscopes can provide a far more comfortable alternative to standard colonoscopy. The only Robotic Colonoscopy system that is currently available for use in clinical practice is the Endotics System. 

The additional good news for NHS Trusts is that due to the disposable nature of the RC, decontamination units are not required.

The painless, robotic procedure is now in use in other hospitals in Europe, and was pioneered in the UK for the NHS by Consultant Gastroenterologist, Dr Prem Premchand at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, following the official opening of the new unit by NHS COO, Sir David Sloman.

removing polyps

Painless endoscopy for detecting and removing polyps

Diagnostics, MDPI, Robotic Colonoscopy and Beyond: Insights into Modern Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Emanuele Tumino 1, Pierfrancesco Visaggi 1,2,* , Valeria Bolognesi 1, Linda Ceccarelli 2, Christian Lambiase 2, Sergio Coda 3, Purushothaman Premchand 3, Massimo Bellini 2 , Nicola de Bortoli 2 and Emanuele Marciano 1

A major advance in medicine, not just endoscopy

Robotic Colonoscopy (RC) systems clearly mark a major advance in endoscopy. The new endoscopes are painless as they use a method of locomotion to adapt to the shape of the lower gastrointestinal tract, which reduces pressure on the colonic walls. This also reduces any risk of perforation and removes the need for sedation.

medcareworld team at House of Commons award

Award at House of Commons

medcareworld are very grateful to be recognised with this important award. The evident driving purpose for the new Chair Professor Nimal-Raj and for The Essex Medical Society is to: 

  • Inform, 
  • Share, 
  • Educate and
  • Innovate

It is this very ethos that has also been embodied in medcareworld by Dr Premchand. It is Dr Premchand’s reputation that has allowed medcareworld to become one of the most successful medical insourcing companies. The drive to constantly seek improvement in treatments and patient care contiues, and Dr Prem is responsible for pioneering the use of robotic endoscopy. At the award ceremony, Managing Director, Mr Bob Davidson said, "This is one of those seismic moments in medical history. A development that so many patients will be so grateful for".

As noted in previous new items, the robotic endoscopy procedure has now been adopted by the NHS, and has been featured by the COO of NHS England as an illustration of the shape of the future of care. Dr Premchand explained how medcareworld was first launched in 2015 as Gutcare Ltd. The company then rapidly expanded to provide clinical support for all other medical specialities and services. The company now has over 25 NHS Trust contracts and has treated nearly half a million patients. Survey results are showing patient satisfaction levels of close to 100%. 

Most recently medcareworld have entered into a strategic partnership with the Essex Medical Society to provide clinical support under the Digital Mutual Aid System (DMAS).

Above and beyond

Bob Davidson went on to say, "The medcareworld team is expanding rapidly – with many of our colleagues here tonight. However, it is very clear that healthcare in the UK is facing daunting challenges that will require creative and innovative solutions. Simply doing things in the way that they have always been done will not be enough - we all have to go above and beyond". This means combining traditional standards of care to help inform, share and educate has to be combined with the utilisation of new and emerging technologies. 

Medcareworld under the stewardship of Dr Premchand and in alliance with the EMS will be at the forefront of this..

Prem's gut team

Dr Premchand recognised by COO NHS England

Sir David Sloman, Chief Operating Officer at NHS England, paid a visit to Barking, Havering and Rdbridge UHT, Elective Surgical Hub at the King George Hospital to meet Dr Prem Premchand and to unveil the country’s first robotic colonoscopy machine.

pointy finger

medcareworld leading the way in patient flow technology

Delivering most appropriate healthcare services

High quality, “joined up" medical services must be managed and delivered in such a way as to give patients direct access to the most appropriate healthcare and to facilitate their seamless navigation, or flow, along the subsequent healthcare pathway. The aim must be to prevent queues, waits, delays and bottlenecks and the poor outcomes for patients that are associated with them. The placing of emphasis on improving the flow of patients across departments, organisations and ultimately the whole health system in order to maximise benefits is not new.

Dr Prem Premchand, Consultant Gastroenterologist and medical director of leading medical support services company Medcare says, "I know only too well the negative impact that delays in diagnosis and treatment have on patients. Now more than ever, we must seek innovative ways to solve systemic problems. Utilising digital technologies can provide transformative and sustainable solutions to our healthcare delivery problems".

Doctor explaining to patient

Hospitals increasing levels of insourcing

Insourcing is a highly cost-effective option for treating more patients

As featured in TotalHealth

Due to the the flexibility of the insourcing approach, combined with the ability to rapidly implement additional services - where and when needed, the popularity of insourcing to cope with patient back-logs has increased over the past few years.

Furthermore, companies such as medcareworld perform services for less than the NHS tariff, often at 20% less. This makes the process of insourcing highly attractive to the Trusts, keen to utilise budget constraints.