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Hospital waiting lists

Rationale for Insourcing

Medical services should be managed and delivered in a way that gives patients timely access to the most appropriate healthcare and to make their “flow" along any treatment pathway as smooth as possible. With the NHS waiting list currently at an all-time high ensuring that patients get the treatment that they need when they need it is a huge challenge. We must never lose sight of the fact that numbers on a waiting list are real people in need of healthcare and that delays and backlogs seriously impact on clinical outcomes.

For this reason, maximising any spare capacity wiithin existing systems is critically important and this is where insourcing come in.

Doctor explaining to patient

Importance of good patient access and patient flow

Detailed analysis carried out over many years has repeatedly shown that improving access and flow across health systems:

  • Improves clinical outcomes 
  • Improves the patient experience 
  • Saves time and money by eliminating duplication of effort
  • Ultimately is more cost-effective 

Patient care - addressing the bigger picture

However, there is much more that needs to be done. The focus since the Covid pandemic has understandably been on elective care however many other areas of our healthcare system ( perhaps most) are seriously challenged. 

King's Fund – NHS Waiting Times: Our position ( June 2023)

“ Efforts to tackle care backlogs must go beyond boosting elective capacity to take a whole system approach.”

For this reason, it is vital that healthcare organisations work together to deliver properly joined-up healthcare services.